Policy Works

Policy Works investigates the myriad moving parts (the institutions, actors, and systems) through which economic development policies are implemented. Policy Works is hosted by the Reimagining the Economy team at Harvard Kennedy School.

The Reimagining the Economy project explores local labor market, industrial, and development policies, combined with practitioner insights, to produce multidisciplinary scholarship to reshape narratives about how we achieve inclusive prosperity. It is co-led by Faculty Co-Directors Gordon Hanson and Dani Rodrik, and Rohan Sandhu.

This podcast is a platform for in-depth conversations with frontline agents in economic development, both in and out of government: leaders of economic development agencies, workforce development boards, community development nonprofits, small business development centers, philanthropies and foundations, and others. Through these conversations, we shed light on a range of questions about the practice of economic development: How does policy work? What does it take to activate economic development? What forms of institutional arrangements, coordination mechanisms, knowledge sharing and experimentation enable economic development? And when is it elusive?

Learn more about the Reimagining the Economy project: http://reimagining-the-economy.hks.harvard.edu